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#TheBigDeal — September 2023

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Survive the Raft
AFN|pulse 8:00pm CET/JKT Thursday, September 3rd

Survive the Raft

Nine Americans from wildly diverse backgrounds and beliefs have arrived in Panama to test their ability to collaborate in a social experiment for a chance to win life-changing money. Will their differences cause conflict or lead to success?


Black Pop: Celebrating the Power of Black Culture
AFN|pulse 10:00pm CET/JKT Saturday, September 9th

Black Pop: Celebrating the Power of Black Culture

An archive-rich series that explores how Black Americans shaped culture through film, television, music & comedy.


The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
AFN|spectrum 9:00pm CET/JKT Wednesday, September 13th

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Following his departure from The Commonwealth, Daryl Dixon washes ashore in France, raising the ire of a splintered but growing autocratic movement centered in Paris and endangering a young boy at the heart of a benevolent religious movement.


Naked and Afraid: Castaways
AFN|pulse 9:00pm CET/JKT Thursday, September 21st

Naked and Afraid: Castaways

Three teams of adventurers must survive on a tropical island without additional tools, maps or other aids.


The Irrational
AFN|pulse 9:00pm CET/JKT Tuesday, September 26th

The Irrational

Alec Baker is a world-renowned professor of behavioral science who uses his unique understanding of human behavior to help solve high-stakes cases involving governments, law enforcement and corporations -- in ways no one else could imagine.


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2023 MTV VMA Awards
AFN|prime 8:00pm CET/JKT Wednesday, September 13th

2023 MTV VMA Awards

Join your favorite artists for the MTV VMAs 2023, a night dedicated to the year's biggest music videos, featuring incredible performances, special honors, tributes and more.


People's Choice Country Awards
AFN|prime 8:00pm CET/JKT Friday, September 29th

People's Choice Country Awards

The 2023 People's Choice Country Awards, the inaugural ceremony, is set to be held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Hosted by country music vocal group, Little Big Town.


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Confess, FletchPremiere
AFN|movie 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, September 1st

Confess, Fletch

While investigating a case of valuable stolen paintings, the roguishly charming and endlessly troublesome Fletch becomes the prime suspect in a murder. To prove his innocence, he must sift through a long list of suspects -- from an art dealer to a missing playboy to a crazy neighbor to his own girlfriend. TV-MA


The Darker the LakePremiere
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, September 2nd

The Darker the Lake

Two detectives work together to solve a string of supernatural murders that has been plaguing a peaceful town, revealing secrets that hit the pair too close to home.


Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Premiere
AFN|family 4:00pm (CET/JKT) Sunday, September 3rd

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

The Justice League hold yet another talent competition, only this time they're facing off against the Titans; in order to be the most talented superhero team in the DC universe, Robin and Beast Boy must work together on a jazz performance.


God's CountryPremiere
AFN|movie 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, September 8th

God's Country

A college professor gets drawn into an escalating battle of wills after she catches two hunters trespassing on her property in the remote mountains of the American West. TV-MA


80 for BradyPremiere
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, September 9th

80 for Brady

Four best friends live life to the fullest when they embark on a wild trip to see their hero, Tom Brady, play in the 2017 Super Bowl.


Sonic the HedgehogPremiere
AFN|family 4:00pm (CET/JKT) Sunday, September 10th

Sonic the Hedgehog

The world needed a hero -- it got a hedgehog. Powered with incredible speed, Sonic embraces his new home on Earth -- until he accidentally knocks out the power grid, sparking the attention of uncool evil genius Dr. Robotnik. Now, it's supervillain vs. supersonic in an all-out race across the globe to stop Robotnik from using Sonic's unique power to achieve world domination.


AFN|movie 10:30pm (CET/JKT) Friday, September 15th


A tormented garbage man named Clean tries to live a quiet life of redemption, but when his good intentions make him the target of a local crime boss, he must soon reconcile with violence of his past. TV-MA


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among ThievesPremiere
AFN|movie 6:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, September 16th

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers embark on an epic quest to retrieve a lost relic, but things go dangerously awry when they run afoul of the wrong people.


Curious George 3: Back to the JunglePremiere
AFN|family 4:00pm (CET/JKT) Sunday, September 17th

Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle

When Curious George is asked to take part in a very important space mission, a little monkeying around forces him to crash-land in Africa. While a worried Man with the Yellow Hat searches for him, Curious George bravely explores the jungle and makes new animal friends along the way.


Spin Me RoundPremiere
AFN|movie 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, September 22nd

Spin Me Round

Flown to an Italian immersion program on her company's dime, what starts as a romantic getaway devolves into chaos. TV-MA


A Man Called OttoPremiere
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, September 23rd

A Man Called Otto

Otto is a grump who's given up on life following the loss of his wife and wants to end it all. When a young family moves in nearby, he meets his match in quick-witted Marisol, leading to a friendship that will turn his world around.


AFN|movie 10:30pm (CET/JKT) Friday, September 29th


As a serial killer stalks the city, Julia – a young actress who just moved to town with her boyfriend – notices a mysterious stranger watching her from across the street. TV-MA


Ant Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaPremiere
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, September 30th

Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Ant-Man and the Wasp find themselves exploring the Quantum Realm, interacting with strange new creatures and embarking on an adventure that pushes them beyond the limits of what they thought was possible.


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The Challenge: USA 2 Sun September 10 AFN|pulse 9:00pm
All Rise 3 Sun September 17 AFN|spectrum 9:00pm
Temptation Island 5 Thu September 20 AFN|pulse 10:00pm
Grey’s Anatomy 19 Fri September 22 AFN|spectrum 8:00pm
Station 19 6 Fri September 22 AFN|spectrum 9:00pm
Winter House 2 Mon September 25 AFN|pulse 10:00pm
The Voice 24 Tue September 26 AFN|pulse 7:00pm
Survivor 45 Thu September 28 AFN|prime PAC 7:00pm

Published September 30, 2023.

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#TheBigDeal — August 2023

Welcome to the AFN television blog, your landing page for programming and specials, updated monthly.

Be sure to visit and download the AFN|now app to stream your favorite Sports and Programs - when you want, where you want!

For more information on all of AFN TV's programming, including airtimes in your area – just check here: SCHEDULE Have a great month and thank you for watching!

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The Lazarus Project
AFN|spectrum 10:00pm CET/JKT Tuesday, August 1st

The Lazarus Project

George is the latest recruit to The Lazarus Project – a secret organization that has harnessed the ability to turn back time whenever the world is at the threat of extinction. George and his colleagues are the few people on Earth with the ability to remember the events that are undone when time goes back. TV-MA


House of the Dragon
AFN|spectrum 10:00pm CET/JKT Saturday, August 5th

House of the Dragon

The reign of House Targaryen begins with this prequel to popular HBO series "Game of Thrones". TV-MA


I Love Us
AFN|pulse 10:00pm CET/JKT Saturday, August 5th

I Love Us

Kym Whitley and Kountry Wayne present funny and outrageous viral video clips.


AFN|spectrum 10:00pm CET/JKT Monday, August 7th


On the eve of a fateful flight, a championship high school girls soccer team celebrates by betraying one another; 25 years later, the survivors do their best imitations of well-adjusted people. TV-MA


You Are Here
AFN|spectrum 7:00pm CET/JKT Tuesday, August 23rd

You Are Here

Through the lens of four cities, Domingo Colman revisits the locations pivotal to his growth as an artist and an individual, and the web of communities, people and found family who thrive there, and who lifted him up.


Black Snow
AFN|spectrum 10:00pm CET/JKT Thursday, August 24th

Black Snow

When a time capsule is opened and a secret is unearthed, Detective James Cormack is put on the trail of a murderer from a 1994 case that was never solved.


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Shark Week 2023
AFN|spectrum 4:00pm CET/JKT Begins Monday, August 7th

Shark Week 2023

In a Shark Week first, researchers brave a great white shark-feeding frenzy inside a life-size whale decoy which could be the key to finding the biggest Great White Sharks in South African history.


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AFN|movie 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, August 4th


V/H/S/99 harkens back to the final punk rock analog days of VHS, while taking one giant leap forward into the hellish new millennium. In V/H/S/99, a teenager's home video leads to a series of horrifying revelations. TV-MA


Ticket to ParadisePremiere
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, August 5th

Ticket to Paradise

A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago.


Significant OtherPremiere
AFN|movie 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, August 11th

Significant Other

Sinister events plague a young couple when they take a backpacking trip through the forests of the Pacific Northwest. TV-MA


The SonPremiere
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, August 12th

The Son

Peter has his busy life with new partner Beth and their baby thrown into disarray when his ex-wife Kate turns up with their teenage son, Nicholas.


The Conjuring 3Premiere
AFN|movie 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, August 18th

The Conjuring 3

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren take on one of the most sensational cases of their careers after a cop stumbles upon a dazed and bloodied young man walking down the road. Accused of murder, the suspect claims demonic possession as his defense, forcing the Warrens into a supernatural inquiry unlike anything they've ever seen before. TV-MA


Where the Crawdads SingPremiere
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, August 19th

Where the Crawdads Sing

Abandoned as a girl, Kya raised herself in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina. Drawn to two young men from town, she opens herself to a new and startling world. However, when one of them is found dead, Kya immediately becomes the main suspect.


Armageddon TimePremiere
AFN|movie 10:00pm (CET/JKT) Friday, August 25th

Armageddon Time

A deeply personal coming-of-age story about the strength of family, the complexity of friendship and the generational pursuit of the American Dream.


The InvitationPremiere
AFN|movie 7:00pm (CET/JKT) Saturday, August 26th

The Invitation

After the death of her mother and having no other known relatives, Evie takes a DNA test and discovers a long-lost cousin she never knew she had. Soon she's thrust into a nightmare of survival as she uncovers twisted secrets about her family history and the unsettling intentions behind their sinful generosity.


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Dark Winds 2 Wed August 2 AFN|spectrum 9:00pm
Put A Ring On It 4 Sat August 5 AFN|pulse 11:00pm
When Calls the Heart 10 Sun August 6 AFN|pulse 7:00pm
Almost Paradise 2 Mon August 7 AFN|spectrum 9:00pm
Awkwafina is Nora from Queens 3 Tue August 8 AFN|spectrum 7:30pm
Temptation Island 5 Wed August 9 AFN|pulse 9:00pm
Tyler Perry’s Sistas 6 Fri August 11 AFN|pulse 9:00pm
Painting with John 3 Sun August 13 AFN|spectrum 9:00pm
Billions 7 Sun August 20 AFN|spectrum 11:00pm

Published July 31, 2023.